Earth Day To Kick Off North Carolina Appliance Rebate Program


North Carolina is receiving $8.8 million in federal funds to help homeowners purchase energy-efficient appliances, from furnaces and room air conditioners to refrigerators and dishwashers. The funds are part of nearly $300 million from the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act being distributed nationwide by the U.S. Department of Energy for its government appliance rebate program.

The North Carolina appliance rebate program will save North Carolinians on major appliance purchases while putting $8.8 million in federal Recovery funds to work stimulating the economy, cutting energy use and reducing greenhouse gas emissions under American Economic Housing And Recovery Act.


The North Carolina appliance rebate plan calls for rebates of 15 percent to be offered to replace major home appliances with Energy Star-rated appliances over a four-day period next spring during Earth Day weekend – Thursday April 22 through Sunday April 25, 2010. Energy Star rebates will be in addition to any store, manufacturer or other discounts being offered.

By replacing older, conventional appliances with the 49,960 Energy Star items it is estimated will be purchased in the program, enough electricity will be saved to power 536 homes for a year. Natural gas savings would serve 390 homes for a year.

The Energy Star Rebate program is planned to be conducted in two phases. The first would offer a 15 percent rebate on qualified Energy Star household appliances (clothes washers, dishwashers, refrigerators, and freezers) during Earth Day weekend.

The second phase North Carolina appliance rebate program beginning in June will match rebates on gas storage water heaters, tankless gas water heaters, central air conditioners, heat pumps and gas furnaces offered through electric and gas utility programs. The energy savings can be significant. For example, a new Energy Star-rated refrigerator uses half the electricity that the same size refrigerator built before 1995 uses.

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