Pennsylvania Appliance Rebate Program Approved By DOE For HVAC and Water Heating Rebates

The state of Pennsylvania has been approved for $11 Million in Recovery Funds under the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The Pennsylvania appliance rebate program will offer rebates that will make non-electrical heating, air conditioning and water heating equipment more affordable.


The Pennsylvania appliance rebate program coined “PA Energy Equipment Rebate Program” is intended to compliment residential energy conservation programs electric utilities will offer for heating, ventilation and air conditioning appliances that operate on electricity. The PA appliance rebate program will target families looking for ways to cut their utility bills by conserving energy, and offer financial incentives to help them purchase modern, energy efficient heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.


The new state rebate program will focus on HVAC and water heating equipment that uses natural gas, propane and oil. Eligible equipment must be new and meet or exceed Energy Star standards. The state has received approval in December 2009 for the program from the U.S. Department of Energy, and hopes to have funds available for equipment by March 2010.


The Pennsylvania appliance rebate program “PA Energy Equipment Rebate Program” is expected to help boost the economy by creating jobs and work for local contractors who install the equipment.

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