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Department of Energy Approves Michigan Appliance Rebate Program

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

The State of Michigan has been approved by the US Department of Energy for its $9,598,000 share of the government appliance rebate program. The Michigan appliance rebate program coined Michigan Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (MEEARP) hopes to have the rebate program available to residential customers by mid-February 2010. MEEARP will not be retroactive for products purchased prior to the program start date.


The Michigan Appliance Rebate Program will complement utility energy optimization programs and provide rebates for appliances not covered by utility programs. Appliances have to be replaced. Residential consumers using mail-in rebates will certify that appliances have been replaced. Because there is a much greater possibility that a refrigerator would be retained as a second refrigerator, purchasers of refrigerators will be required to provide documentation that the replaced refrigerator has been taken by a retailer, recycler, or other party. The appliance rebates will range between $50-$300, and will include the following categories:


  • Refrigerators – $50-$100

  • Clothes washers – $50
  • Dishwashers – $25-$50
  • Propane and oil furnaces – $300
  • Solar hot water heaters – $1,200 max
  • Propane hot water heaters – $100


The broad goals of the MI appliance rebate program are to spur economic growth, save energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging appliance replacements through consumer rebates. This program will create jobs in retailing and manufacturing. Michigan companies make many of the products included in the Michigan appliance rebate program.


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