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Washington Appliance Rebate Program Offers Cash Back For Clothes Washers & Refrigerators

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010


The State of Washington will implement a mail-in rebate program to help residents replace older, inefficient refrigerators and clothes washers with new ENERGY STAR® qualified and ultra-efficient appliances. The Washington appliance rebate program is tentatively scheduled to begin in April 2010. The refrigerator program is tentatively scheduled to end in May 2010; the clothes washer program will continue through December 2011, or until funds are depleted.


What appliances will receive rebates in Washington? 


ENERGY STAR Refrigerators – $75

ENERGY STAR Clothes Washers –$100

Residential consumers in Washington replacing existing refrigerators and clothes washers with Energy Efficient appliances will be the final benefactors of the Washington Appliance Rebate Program funds. These funds will supplement existing rebate programs. The appliance rebate program plans to make consumer rebates available by April 1, 2010, if all goes as scheduled.



Why these did Washington select these appliances?


In determining which appliances to include in the rebate program, Commerce considered the objectives of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, State Energy Efficiency Appliance Rebate Program and the amount of money available, as well as the goals of the 6th Northwest Power Plan.  In doing our research we received input from the state’s electric, gas and municipal utilities recommending that a majority of the funding be used for the replacement of older clothes washers with new higher efficiency clothes washers as this is where Washington would experience the biggest savings in electricity, water and waste treatment.  One of the goals of the program is to introduce consumers to these new higher efficiency clothes washers and create a market transformation bringing significant long term benefits to Washington.  Refrigerators were included based upon research, as well as feedback from retailers and utilities, regarding the potential energy savings for consumers.


Where, how and when do I apply for appliance rebates in Washington?


The program plans to make consumer rebates available by April 1, 2010.  Once a firm date is set for the start of the rebate program this web-site ( will be updated providing additional details of the program including where to access the appropriate rebate application documents. 


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